Brevera® Breast Biopsy System

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    Enhanced Biopsy Efficiency

    The Brevera® Breast Biopsy System streamlines the entire breast biopsy process from start to finish – with real-time imaging for instant verification and automated post-biopsy specimen handling.

    This has the potential to save an average of 10 minutes per procedure to transform the patient experience and boost productivity.1 A reusable device driver and disposable needles provide new functionality, simplify storage and improve waste management.2 And remote system operation puts control where it belongs – in the hands of the physician.

    The Brevera® Breast Biopsy System can change the way you think about performing breast biopsies.

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    Workflow and Facility Improvements

    Fast Procedures

    More confidence in sample verification allows for fast biopsy procedures, which frees up resources.

    Fewer Steps

    Advanced tissue handling automatically separates samples for pathology.

    Patient Satisfaction

    Fast procedures mean less time under compression for the patient, which can result in a more positive biopsy experience.

    Optimized Technologist Workflow

    Little to no manual handling post-biopsy helps maintain sample integrity from patient to pathology, improving technologists' workflow and freeing time for other procedures.

    Improved Sample Identification

    Separates and identifies samples with a 12-chamber tissue filter to provide guidance for pathology.

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