Quantra™ 2.2 Breast Density Assessment Software for 2D or 3D™

Next generation breast density assessment from the makers of the only mammogram proven superior for dense breasts compared to 2D alone.1,2




    Quantra™ 2.2 Breast Density Assessment Software for 2D or 3D™

    Higher breast density is known to increase a woman’s risk for breast cancer. Quantra™ 2.2 breast density assessment software enables you to assess breast density quickly and accurately in all patients, helping to standardize reporting, adjunctive screening and ultimately, elevate the level of care across your entire practice.

    Consistent with density assessment in the ACR BIRADS® Atlas, Fifth Edition.

    Quantra software uses breast texture and pattern analysis and categorizes breasts in four breast composition categories based on ACR breast composition guidelines.3 There is a growing body of evidence that pattern and texture of fibro glandular tissue plays an equally important role as volume in mammographic cancer risk prediction.4

    More Consistent, Reliable Scoring

    Elevate the standard of care and standardize reporting across the whole radiology practice.

    Results Displayed at Point of Care

    View breast density scores on the 3Dimensions™ systems’ AWS4 to facilitate patient management protocols for adjunctive screening and to eliminate the need for a separate server.

    System Compatibility

    View results on SecurView® and other diagnostic workstations and some mammography reporting systems.

    X-ray image of breast

    Discover the Difference with Quantra 2.2

    Now with texture and pattern analysis, Quantra 2.2 offers more consistent, more reliable scoring. It delivers the accurate information clinicians need to confidently customize personalized patient care decisions and provide the highest quality assessments.

    • A new algorithm, powered by machine learning
    • Pattern and texture analysis
    • BI-RADS 5th edition-like breast density scores

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